Name: Abhijeet Bais

Title: Managing Associate

Year Joined: 2015

Education: B.E. Mechanical Engineering, MBA-Finance & Strartegy, Cornell University 

What did you do prior to joining T&Co?

"Right before joining T&Co, I was finishing up a 2-year MBA program at business school. Prior to that I worked as a Manager for Infosys, serving clients across several different industries – Telecom, Radio, Advertising and Communication to name a few. I was responsible for various major technological implementations and new product roll outs."

What do you think makes T&Co different from working at other consulting firm?

" 1. The type of work: Our exclusive focus on growth and innovation while being industry agnostic at the same time makes us unique in the industry already. Most of my friends working in other bigger strategy firms rarely get to do growth strategy cases and for me this was a big draw towards T&Co

2. The Culture:

  • Learning - The firm is small across both offices (~ 30 consultants) and that gives unparalleled access to the partners and Michael himself. The learning opportunities you get while working closely with them on a day-to-day basis is incredible and very different than working in a 5000+ employee consulting shop
  •  Growth opportunities - At T&Co. you are always punching above your weight. The size of the case team and the nature of the problems we are solving demand that from each consultant. In return the career trajectory you get is very different. Especially at the Analyst level where you get exposed to senior clients and critical workstreams at a very early level, thereby getting a crack to accelerate you career faster than other places
  • Comradery - Strong emphasis on having fun and creating our own brand of office culture. Whether it is the entire office spending Friday evenings at happy hours together at a place we pick based on a random hat draw or playing in the volleyball league as an office on Sundays or going to the Boston Boys and Girls club for volunteering, there is a strong underlying belief of having fun and the office wall is testament to that. In other large consulting firms this kind of fun is often limited by the types of teams and partners you get staffed with or the office you work in."

What advice would you give a new consultant just starting at Treacy & Company?

"1. Be Fearless. When you are starting at T&Co. (even true if you were a past consultant), you will have go through a steep learning curve. The problems we take on are top of mind for CEO’s and Boards and don’t have easy answers available on the internet. My advice to new consultants would be to not be afraid of the challenge in-fact embrace it with a fearless attitude, to get the best of the case experience that lies ahead

2.   Come to Learn. The studies we conduct are usually for divisional presidents, CEO’s or Chairman of the board level audience and it is not uncommon for new consultants to feel that they know so much less than these top clients who have been in the industry for 20-30 years. I suggest, coming in with a humble attitude to learn and take each day, and every deliverable as a learning opportunity to know a little bit more than you did yesterday. This will help you ask better questions, come up with more interesting and pertinent analysis and have far greater client conversations than you ever expected

3. Enjoy yourself. Try having as much fun doing the work that we do, with the people you work with here and the events we go as an office, because you won’t find it anywhere else. As an example, this year the intern challenge (something we do every year in the summer when we have interns) was blind tasting for ice-cream to determine people’s preference for favorite ice-cream without being blinded by brand and price tags. This is merely an example of the various things that go on an everyday basis, that make you want to come spend time with your colleagues.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

"Soccer - I am an avid Man United Supporter and I follow the team around the world. 

 Cooking -  I enjoy cooking and coming up with my own recipes (e.g., fusion of Colombian, Indian and Middle Eastern inspired chicken skewers).

Reading – Your best year ever by Michael Hyatt and Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh are books I read in Q3 of 2018. "