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Our Story


Our Story

Treacy & Company is a management advisory and capability building firm that works with business leaders in some of the world's best known firms.   We diagnose marketplace and organizational challenges, build competencies and get results.

Recognized methodologies

Our approach is based upon real-world growth systems put in place by market leading organizations and widely recognized as a best-in-class approach to creating growth.

Our work draws on Michael Treacy's three decades of research on business performance. His co-authored New York Times Bestseller, The Discipline of Market Leaders, outlines the principles for winning in competitive marketplaces  develop an unmatched customer value proposition and deliver it through superior operating model. His second book, Double Digit Growth: How Companies Achieve It No Matter What, presents a common sense approach for achieving superior profitable growth. Many companies large and small have adopted these principles and applied our expertise to drive their business strategies, build competitive advantage, and achieve sustainable profit growth.

How we work

Treacy & Company works in highly focused teams – typically a partner and two or three consultants – in partnership with people in your organization.  Our job is to guide a healthy reconsideration of growth strategies that aren’t working, to frame alternatives, and to facilitate decisions that only your management team can make.  Resetting growth strategies is often the easy part.  Successful growth is generated by innovations in customer value and in go-to-market approaches that deliver the most demand most efficiently.  That’s why we focus next on pressure testing specific growth initiatives that bring strategies to life.  That work often highlights organizational capabilities that must be strengthened and new ones that must be built.  Because we are looking to permanently impact the growth performance of your organization, we give special emphasis to improving your management systems, innovation processes, and skill sets so that growth can be turned from a game of chance into a game of skill.

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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

  Michael Treacy   Founder & President

Michael Treacy

Founder & President

  Josh Coleman   Partner

Josh Coleman


  Pushan Sen Gupta   Engagement Leader

Pushan Sen Gupta

Engagement Leader

  Alan Martinovich   Managing Director

Alan Martinovich

Managing Director

  Kevin Sarb    Principal

Kevin Sarb


  Vince Zosa   Partner

Vince Zosa


  Richard Schwartz    Senior Engagement Leader

Richard Schwartz

Senior Engagement Leader

  Sarah Leggett   Chief Business Officer

Sarah Leggett

Chief Business Officer

  James Potter   Partner

James Potter


  Xiaohang Liu    Senior Engagement Leader

Xiaohang Liu

Senior Engagement Leader

  Ashley Coyne   Senior Manager of Talent

Ashley Coyne

Senior Manager of Talent


Our Perspectives

Our Perspectives



Academic Medical Centers Need Population Health Management Systems.... But They Won't Be Asking For Them

Future profitability of health systems will depend largely on their ability to maintain top quartile outcome and cost effectiveness relative to peers. This competition-based leveling is inherent to the way that government determines payment levels, resulting in fewer provider “winners” as excess cost is squeezed out of the system... [Visit the White Paper Download Page]


The Need to Focus on Organic Growth to Drive Shareholder Value

To deliver leading shareholder returns, US companies must shift focus back to organic revenue growth as they recover from the Great Recession. Unfortunately, many companies will need to rebuild the growth capabilities they lost through the cost cutting efforts of the past several years...[Visit the White Paper Download Page]


Turning Growth Into a Game of Skill

For the vast majority of companies, growth is a game of luck.  This is in stark contrast to how most companies’ approach others areas of their business, such as cost control, with disciplined processes and systems to ensure success.  At Treacy & Company, we do not believe that sustainably growing your organization has to be a game of luck or chance, but can actually be turned into a game of skill over time through a similarly disciplined approach.   Read the White Paper below to learn the four things you need to know to turn growth into a game of skill for your organization. [Visit the White Paper Download Page]


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies Face a Commoditizing Market...How Will They Drive Future Profits?

The BPO industry has played out its natural advantages and is now struggling to eke out continuous productivity gains to protect slim margins. For more than two decades, outsourcers took advantage of labor arbitrage, operational excellence, and modest economies of scale to create customer value and shareholder profits, but that model is now largely commoditized. A next generation business model is required if an outsourcer is to achieve attractive, sustainable margins and drive exciting growth in shareholder value... [Visit the White Paper Download Page]

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Our Locations

Our Locations


1220 South St
Needham, MA 02492
(781) 559-3412



33 W Monroe St, Suite 1800
Chicago, IL 60603
(773) 902-3404