Name: Bill Reeves

Title: Associate

Year Joined: 2014

Education: A.B. in Government, Dartmouth

What about T&Co made you want to apply?

"I looked for three things in a firm: interesting work, people I wanted to work with, and opportunities for advancement.  T&Co’s exclusive focus on growth strategy means that every case is challenging and thought provoking, the people I met were extremely enthusiastic and intelligent, but were also people I would want to spend time with, and the small size means that one is handed extra responsibility from day 1 and that you gain exposure not possible in larger organizations."

Describe "T&Co culture" in one sentence.

"T&Co.’s culture is collegial and, perhaps more important, extremely flat – we actively like to spend time with one another across all levels of the firm."

What do you tell your friends about the firm?