Name: Caitlin Ardrey

Title: Senior Associate

Year Joined: 2013

Education: A.B. in Government, Dartmouth

What do you think makes T&Co different from other consulting firms?

"T&Co’s unique focus and size set it apart from other consulting firms. Through an exclusive focus on growth & innovation, T&Co has developed unique perspectives on how to drive sustainable, profitable growth that can be applied across industries. As a boutique firm, T&Co offers unique opportunities to consultants at every level, as well as access to experienced mentors and senior leadership."

What has been your favorite engagement at T&Co and why?

"I was recently engaged on a project to implement T&Co’s Growth Discipline process with a building products manufacturer that faced significant challenges to drive steady, profitable growth in a volatile U.S. housing market. This project gave me great exposure to our entire Growth Discipline process, through growth strategy development, initiative testing, and portfolio management. In addition, we worked with a great client team."

 What skills have you gained from working at T&Co?

"T&Co is a great place to develop a wide variety of skills at any level, from quantitative and qualitative analysis to presentation and client management. The most important skills I have honed during my time at T&Co are problem solving and critical thinking. These skills are critical enablers of all the work we do at T&Co."