Key Questions

  • When factors driving growth seem shrouded, how can you pull back the curtain?

  • What can the company do in the near term to boost revenue?

  • What are long-term threats and opportunities for growth?


Already a strong player in the dairy industry, our client had targeted an aggressive 25% revenue CAGR in 2013, which was 10% greater than its historical growth rate.

Seeking to deepen their understanding of their growth portfolio, we set out to perform a growth diagnostic to remove obstacles to their goal.

Key Learnings

Without the complete picture, you're running in the dark

The combined results of the Sources of Revenue and MPV Analyses helped shed light on the top near and long term growth challenges our client was facing.

The close study of sales data in a Sources of Revenue analysis revealed a large customer churn problem in an otherwise successful story. Our client then knew to prioritize retention in its portfolio of initiatives.

The MPV Analysis deepened the diagnostic by revealing the underlying issue behind the churn problem – our client was trailing on performance on a key metric. They’ve set improvement on that metric as an R&D priority to ensure long-term success.


Our Comprehensive Diagnostic

  1. Start by collecting sales data and surveying industry decision-makers on top business needs

  2. Use sales data to create a Sources of Revenue Statement, which breaks growth down into its component parts

  3. Perform MPV Analysis on business needs data, illuminating what matters most to the market and client performance on those metrics

Where will your growth come from?

Treacy & Company can help you quickly determine the components of your near-term growth and how the market perceives you relative to your competitors

Our 8-week Growth Diagnostic will provide you with:

  • Revenue growth understood by its component parts

  • A clear understanding of what matters to your customers

  • An unbiased perspective of how you can set near and long-term growth priorities to overcome challenges

  • A path forward to boost growth


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Rob Bell, Partner

Rob Bell, Partner


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Dave Jones, Engagement Leader