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Name: Elise Smith

Title: Managing Analyst

Year Joined: 2017

Education: BSBA, UNC Kenan Flagler Business School

What did you do prior to T&Co?

"Prior to joining T&Co, I worked as a healthcare consultant, working with Managed Behavior Health organizations to improve organizational processes."

What about T&Co made you want to apply? 

"Before starting the process of finding a new job, I gained a great life mentor who provided advice and guidance about my career path. He also happened to be a former T&Co employee. When I began describing what I wanted out of my next job (challenging environment, opportunities for stretch roles, and a tight-knit, fun loving community) he immediately recommended T&Co, knowing that this place checks all those boxes. My final interview was at the end of a long day full of other interviews and was with one of the Principals. When the conversation about growth strategy felt more like a conversation with an old friend, I knew I had found my next job."

What advice would you give to a new consultant just starting at T&Co?

"Take advantage of the human capital – one of the more unique things about this company is that it’s full of deeply intelligent individuals who can’t wait to bring you into the fold. With any new job, there is an adjustment curve. But everyone here is really excited to have you on board and want to see you succeed. So during the adjustment, take advantage of coffee chats and buddy system, ask questions, and get involved with internal teams." 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Anything and everything related to eating and making food! I strive to cook most of my meals and love experimenting in the kitchen. Right now, my food interests revolve around tacos and exploring ways to incorporate them into different meals!