Name: Freddie Fletcher

Title: Senior Analyst

Year Joined: Interned in 2013; Full-time in 2014

Education: A.B. in Economics modified with Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

What has been your favorite engagement at T&Co and why?

"I am currently finishing up an adjacency growth project with a consumer durables manufacturer, specifically within their fitness equipment unit. The project has focused on expansion outside of their core customer base, and for a very lean organization, this has proven to be difficult. In order to overcome their lean operating structure, we have worked to develop internal capabilities with them on how to look for growth outside of their core, as well as how to de-risk these adjacency initiatives once they identify them"

What was your experience going through the recruitment process with T&Co?

"I interned with Treacy & Company, so the recruitment process I went through was for a summer internship. I found that Treacy & Company really shined throughout the process, helping me see the value in working at a smaller firm where I could have a greater impact on the projects. Additionally, I found T&Co. to have a very clear value proposition in focusing on growth strategy, differentiating them from many other firms that are usually working on projects involving operational efficiency or due diligence."

What skills have you gained from working at T&Co?

"This is the first job I have had out of college, and the learning curve has been steep, but manageable. The projects I have worked on thus far have given me great opportunities to develop hard skills in research, PowerPoint and Excel. Past that the projects have afforded me great opportunities to manage distinct work streams, where I have gained skills in developing market insights, organizing these insights into a cohesive story, and delivering this story to my manager and the client."