Key Questions

  • How do you drive margin when the market seems to be buying on price?
  • What do your customers really care about?
  • How do you really establish a differentiated position?


Facing an increasingly commoditized marketplace, this materials handling manufacturer turned to Treacy & Company to help them find ways to differentiate by focusing on the real needs of their customer base. 

The result – a customer-first approach that is increasing margins and win-rate in target customers

Key Learnings

The Harsh Reality: You can't win when the market doesn't see differences

By listening to their customers, our client learned that they are being commoditized because there is very little differentiation between them and their competitors.  In some segments, they were better at addressing specific needs. In others, they weren’t – this perception had a direct impact on their market share.

By focusing sales, marketing and product development on a few key customer needs, they are now shifting the market dynamic and seeing increases in margin and win-rate with those customers they can serve best.


A Market-In Approach

  1. Interview strategic senior leaders to segment customers into verticals and sub-verticals to see significant avenues of differentiation

  2. Align sales, marketing, and product development along a common set of key customer parameters of value

  3. Survey stakeholders and decision-makers in each vertical to quantify differentiation and performance of top competitors on each parameter of value

  4. Use T&Co’s proprietary Main Parameter of Value Analysis to identify top parameters for further development and differentiation

Are you being commoditized?

Treacy & Company can help you quickly determine how the market perceives you relative to your competitors and can provide you a clear path for creating differentiation in a supply chain world that is increasingly commoditized

Our 6-week Market Insights analysis will provided you with:

  • A clear understanding of what matters to your customers
  • An unbiased perspective on how your customers view your ability to differentiate on the values they really care about
  • A path forward to becoming more differentiated

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Alan Martinovich, Managing Director

Alan Martinovich, Managing Director