While many companies are adept at disciplines to cut cost or realize efficiencies, few are able to apply that type of discipline to delivering on growth objectives.

Through our research and experience, we have found that many of our clients’ growth issues stem from failures of strategy and planning, often hindered by an inefficient management system. A lack of focus on sustained, profitable growth manifests itself in a number of ways:

  • “Our ‘Growth Strategy’ sounds good on paper, but we are never able to execute on it in a meaningful way”
  • “Growth plans are based less on long-term growth objectives than next quarter’s (or last quarter’s) results”
  • “Our organization is not aligned and engaged around a common set of growth aspirations, objectives, and priorities”
  • “Our critical growth decisions are delegated to the wrong people"
  • "Our corporate center does not empower local units to innovate and grow"

To address these common gaps and issues, Treacy & Company works closely with clients to develop:

  1. A well-defined long-term vision for the organization’s growth

  2. A clear articulation of where to play, among potential markets, channels, and customers in order to grow

  3. A focused understanding of how to win in those markets; namely, the value leadership strategy that will enable sustainable growth

  4. A robust portfolio of growth priorities and initiatives that balances near-term results with longer-term learning and capability-building needs

  5. A management system aligned for growth and innovation built around five key components: leadership context for innovation, financial performance management, innovation program oversight, innovation funding mechanisms and talent deployment & development