Name: John Daniels

Title: Managing Analyst

Year Joined: 2014

Education: A.B. in Government, Dartmouth

What was your experience going through the recruitment process with T&Co?

"The process was challenging, but allowed me to get a great feel for the firm. All cases were based on real client engagements and gave me an introduction to the type of growth issues that companies typically face and the frameworks that T&Co uses to solve them. My favorite part of the recruitment process was spending a day in the Needham office, sitting in on case team meetings and the Friday Firmwide lunches, and getting to know people at all levels of the firm."

Describe T&Co culture in one word.


What do you think makes T&Co different from other consulting firms?

"T&Co is unique in many ways, but if I were to pick two reasons, I would say:

1) Project work is exclusively focused on the revenue side, which means there is always a positive spin on our engagements. It is exciting knowing that our work is all about strengthening our client’s ability to grow, not to mention that the length of the typical engagement often allows you to see T&Co’s work come into fruition through pilots and implementation of new initiatives.

2) T&Co projects create tremendous learning opportunities for consultants of all levels. As an Analyst, I am not stuck conducting interview campaigns or doing the same repetitive piece of analysis for project after project. I have the opportunity to engage with clients, and my exact role and responsibilities vary based on the project. Every day is something different."