Name: Kathy Nguyen

Title: Managing Analyst

Year Joined: 2015

Education: BA in Economics and Political Science, Brown University

What did you do prior to T&Co?

"I worked worked at a smaller boutique consulting firm based in Newton, MA, which specialized in private equity due diligence. Though we also performed growth strategy engagements, our projects were typically much shorter and were concentrated in the middle-market space. There, I gained foundational experience in market and customer research, analysis, and presentation."

What about T&Co made you want to apply?

"A partner and a colleague at the firm in Newton with knowledge of T&Co and its people both recommended T&Co to me as a place to learn and grow. I was attracted to T&Co’s exclusive focus on revenue growth and believed I could further develop my strategy thinking here by working with large clients to solve interesting business problems. I also appreciated that T&Co is an expanding boutique and could provide a supportive environment for personal development opportunities."

What was your experience going through the recruitment process with T&Co?

"I went through the recruitment process off cycle, and T&Co was accommodating and efficient even on short notice. I came into the Needham office for two days of case interviews, during which my analytical skills and fit were fairly assessed. The schedule ran smoothly, everyone I met was friendly, and I enjoyed my conversations. T&Co took my prior experience into account and offered me a position as senior analyst shortly after my last interview! During follow-up, T&Co answered my questions with care and flexibility and made sure I had everything I needed to make my decision."