Name: Lauren Lackey

Title: Analyst

Year Joined: 2018

Education: BA in Government, Dartmouth

What did you do prior to T&Co?

"I accepted a return offer from my summer analyst internship position at T&Co before my senior year of college and started full-time after graduation. Prior to that, I also worked with a financial planning firm." 

What about T&Co made you want to apply?

"I was fortunate enough to meet a few employees of T&Co at an on-campus recruiting event prior to applying. They spoke to many things that made Treacy & Company a rewarding, unique place to work, including the collegial office culture and focus on learning and personal development. I was excited to work at a consulting firm that cared to invest time in the promotion and development of each individual, while still maintaining a great work-life balance. As I realized these things were true over my internship, it made accepting the return offer an easy decision." 

What advice would you give to a new consultant just starting at T&Co?

"I would tell new consultants not to be afraid to ask question on any front. Everyone at the company (from analysts to Michael Treacy, himself) is willing and eager to help you succeed not only at your job, but succeed at the many facets and changes of personal life that come with moving to a new city and/or starting a new job. Though it may seem intimidating, the more questions you ask, the better off you will be in project work, daily office interactions, work-life balance, and everything in between."