Name: Luke Crihfield

Title: Associate

Year Joined: 2013

Education: B.A. in Economics, B.A. and Honors with Distinction in Government, Georgetown

What did you do prior to T&Co?

"I worked for Deloitte as a Strategy and Operations Analyst in their Federal Practice."

What about T&Co made you want to apply?

"I wasn’t sure about leaving Deloitte, but T&Co’s focus on growth strategy intrigued me. What sold the company for me were my in-person interviews. Each person with which I interviewed was incredibly collegial, engaging, and truly interested in me as a person and gauging my fit with the firm. It was clear that T&Co prides itself on creating a collaborative, enjoyable work experience, and a year and a half in to my job here, I’m really glad I made the switch."

What do you tell your friends about the firm?

"I tell my friends to come work for us! Sometimes it’s hard to describe a ‘growth-focused’ firm – it sounds like we’re sitting in an ivory tower, but in reality, we get our hands dirty, diagnosing problems and then managing pilot programs to help de-risk the process to fix them. Everyone at the firm is passionate about consulting and is truly invested in making a difference for the client, and the positive attitudes are infectious. The firm is filled with driven, yet easy to get along with people, and it makes for a fantastic environment."