Name: Maya Schechter

Title: Managing Analyst

Year Joined: 2014

Education: A.B. in Geography, Dartmouth

What was your experience going through the recruitment process with T&Co?

"The application process was highly engaging, thanks largely to the people involved. Throughout recruitment, T&Co employees conveyed genuine excitement about the work, the people, and the steep learning curve offered here. I was impressed by the number of people involved in the process – it was clear from the collective investment in recruitment that everyone at T&Co cares greatly about this company and its future."

What about T&Co made you want to apply?

"I knew several people who worked at T&Co, and I was drawn by their accounts of the learning opportunities and flexibility made possible by the company’s small size, and by the fun they had with coworkers in and out of work."

What do you tell your friends about the firm?

"On a daily basis, I get to think quantitatively, qualitatively, and creatively, and I have gotten more professional opportunities than I could have predicted. This combination of variety and stretch opportunities means I'm continually engaged and challenged, which is a pretty great way to work."