Name: Nathan Weinberger

Title: Senior Analyst

Year Joined: 2015

Education: Sc.B. in Physics, Brown '13

When you were going through the job search process, what about T&Co made you want to apply?

"I was immediately drawn to T&Co because of the focus on growth and innovation strategy with large clients. I had previously worked at a boutique consulting firm specializing in due diligence projects for mid-market private equity clients, where I developed both foundational business skills and an appetite for strategy projects . The relatively long-term engagements that dive deep into the challenges the client faces and assists in implementing strategies to overcome those challenges was very appealing."

What skills have you gained from working at T&Co?

"Already, I have noticed a marked increase in my ability to block and tackle big problems into manageable parts, and communicate my findings in a logical and compelling manner. The independence and responsibility given to Analysts is incredible, and has contributed in a large way to improving my skills as a consultant, while always providing a strong support network."

What has been your favorite engagement at T&Co and why?

"I worked on a churn reduction project for a building systems installer and maintenance provider that I really enjoyed. Not only were we able to quantify and segment the challenges the company faced in customer retention, but we were able to draw their attention to points of churn they had not considered before. Our work and subsequent recommendations for initiatives to address churn will allow our client to capture large revenue streams that had been previously inaccessible."