Academic Medical Centers Need Population Health Management Systems.... But They Won't Be Asking For Them

Future profitability of health systems will depend largely on their ability to maintain top quartile outcome and cost effectiveness relative to peers. This competition-based leveling is inherent to the way that government determines payment levels, resulting in fewer provider “winners” as excess cost is squeezed out of the system... [Visit the White Paper Download Page]


The Need to Focus on Organic Growth to Drive Shareholder Value

To deliver leading shareholder returns, US companies must shift focus back to organic revenue growth as they recover from the Great Recession. Unfortunately, many companies will need to rebuild the growth capabilities they lost through the cost cutting efforts of the past several years...[Visit the White Paper Download Page]


Turning Growth Into a Game of Skill

For the vast majority of companies, growth is a game of luck.  This is in stark contrast to how most companies’ approach others areas of their business, such as cost control, with disciplined processes and systems to ensure success.  At Treacy & Company, we do not believe that sustainably growing your organization has to be a game of luck or chance, but can actually be turned into a game of skill over time through a similarly disciplined approach.   Read the White Paper below to learn the four things you need to know to turn growth into a game of skill for your organization. [Visit the White Paper Download Page]


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies Face a Commoditizing Market...How Will They Drive Future Profits?

The BPO industry has played out its natural advantages and is now struggling to eke out continuous productivity gains to protect slim margins. For more than two decades, outsourcers took advantage of labor arbitrage, operational excellence, and modest economies of scale to create customer value and shareholder profits, but that model is now largely commoditized. A next generation business model is required if an outsourcer is to achieve attractive, sustainable margins and drive exciting growth in shareholder value... [Visit the White Paper Download Page]