Prem Wadhwani ID.jpg

Name: Prem Wadhwani

Title: Summer Analyst

Year Joined: 2018

Education: Williams College ‘19

Why were you initially drawn to the Summer Analyst Program at T&Co?

"Having experienced the benefits of studying in a small liberal arts college, I was excited by the prospect of working at small consulting firm. This type of environment not only lends itself to a more tight-knit office culture, but also provides unparalleled opportunities to make meaningful contributions to work streams at any level. During the internship, I was pleased to be entrusted with carrying out important analytic work and given the independence to think creatively. " 

How would you describe your work as a Summer Analyst at T&Co?

"In one word: diverse. Across the summer I worked on three separate work streams for the client and even carried out some BD work for T&Co. My manager was prudent in ensuring that I got a full exposure to the array of work that comes with a consulting job. My primary responsibilities were conducting research, generating insights, and compiling slides that effectively communicate ideas to the client." 

What was a particularly memorable moment from your Summer Analyst experience? 

"Summer analysts are given an MPV project and this year we picked ice cream. Each Friday afternoon the Boston office gathered to eat lunch together and blind taste a different brand of cookies and cream. I enjoyed witnessing the amusing range of reactions to the different brands and never thought such a simple thing as bad ice cream could generate such pandemonium in the office (I’m looking at you, Halo Top). "

What are you passionate about outside of work?

"The word foodie doesn’t quite capture my love for an amazing meal. I travel almost solely for the purpose of trying out new flavors and deepening my understanding of different cuisines. More recently I have tried my hand at cooking and found it to be wonderfully therapeutic (when it goes right!). 

I’m also passionate about soccer and cricket. I support teams with polar opposite fortunes (Sunderland AFC and India), which perhaps helps to offset any excessive joy or sorrow that comes with watching them both play.”

What advice would you give to prospective candidates for the Summer Analyst Program?

"This program is ideal for anyone who has a keen interest in understanding how businesses think about growth. Applicants should be aware that prior business knowledge is less important than demonstrating a drive to learn more about consulting work. T&Co has fostered an incredibly collaborative and collegial environment, in which employees at all levels of the hierarchy are very approachable and willing to chat. Make the most of this unique opportunity."