Our aspiration is to change clients, industries, and business for the better. Your success in this will depend more on your inherent talents than on the focus of your degree.  People with a variety of experiences and backgrounds in many subjects—business, sciences, philosophy, engineering, history, government—thrive at Treacy & Company.

We do, however, seek certain common characteristics in all of our people.

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is the starting point of strategic change in our style of consulting. We look for individuals who care enough about a client’s problem to deeply understand it. Who care enough about a client’s performance to improve it.  People who are able to discern patterns in the challenges faced by businesses that they have observed, worked in, or launched. Curiosity is the common spark that ignites Treacy & Company’s client impact, our thought leadership, and your contributions.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically and creatively about structured and unstructured business problems is paramount to success at Treacy & Company. Developing a robust line of inquiry, generating hypotheses, constructing fact-based analyses and structuring a clear and compelling narrative are baseline skills in our work. An individual’s capacity to advance these skills is a differentiator of successful candidates.

An Ability to Handle Ambiguity

In our client work there are many unknowns. We seek out people who can weave a path through the unknown. Can you draw insight from ill-defined problems? Can you turn the energy of misalignment into an agreed-upon workable solution?  As you progress in your career, we will increasingly draw upon your observation skills, judgment, and decision-making – qualities that characterize our very best consultants.


A vision is without value unless you can lead others to it. Can you persuade with facts and with empathy?  At Treacy & Company, we see teams as a means not only to solve problems but to lead. We enjoy intense interaction among junior Treacy & Company staff, partners, and clients. Here, leadership is not tied to hierarchy or experience. Your voice and ideas are valued regardless of your time with us. The reward for arguing and implementing your ideas is that you develop your leadership skills in the process.


Management consulting is a team sport, intensively focused on improving a client’s performance.  It is also an intensely social endeavor, placing a premium on strong interpersonal skills. We seek people who can develop and maintain trusting and collaborative relationships with both clients and their Treacy & Company colleagues.