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Name: Ria Goel

Title: Analyst

Year Joined: 2017

Education: BA, Dartmouth College

What did you do prior to T&Co?

"Prior to joining T&Co, I interned in investment banking in the financial sponsors group advising private equity firms on leveraged buyouts."

What about T&Co made you want to apply? 

"I love working with numbers and analyzing business models, but I wanted to work on the operational side of a business and help companies grow first-hand. T&Co differentiates itself from other consulting firms because of its focus on growth strategy. It’s much more exciting to me to help a company expand through innovation and sustain growth than to establish cost-cutting initiatives. Given the size of the firm, there is a lot of opportunity to interact with and drive decision making for the client. I also find that my co-workers are truly invested in my professional development and are constantly offering their support."

What advice would you give to a new consultant just starting at T&Co?

"To a new consultant at T&Co, I would say don’t be afraid to step up and take on more responsibility. Because of how small T&Co is, there are tons of opportunities to adopt stretch roles and push yourself. It may be daunting at first to attempt work that most would consider reserved for the level above you, but people will help you along the way and it’s a great way to gain new skills." 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy aviation, hiking in New England and volunteering with youth. I love the rush of flying, taking in the beautiful New England scenery and contributing to my local community through mentorship."