Savanna Headshot.jpg

Name: Savanna Hajdasz

Title: Summer Analyst

Year Joined: 2018

Education: B.A. International Political Economy, Fordham University

Why were you initially drawn to the Summer Analyst Program at T&Co?

“I was initially drawn to the Summer Analyst Program at T&Co. because I was looking to gain exposure to and develop the skills to succeed in business.  I was particularly interested in T&Co.’s focus on growth strategy since it would require more creative thinking than traditional cost-cutting.  I felt as though my interests and experience aligned well with T&Co.’s methodology and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for me.  I liked that T&Co. was a smaller firm because I wanted to be more deeply involved in the work and because I wanted to have access to upper level executives. T&Co was the only place I applied for a summer program.”

How would you describe your work as a Summer Analyst at T&Co?

“My work as a Summer Analyst was, in one word, stimulating.  At T&Co., I was challenged to address problems from new perspectives, often on an accelerated timeline.  My work within the project wasn’t focused on one area but spread across different tasks; I worked on research, presenting, speech-writing and slide creation to conduct different types of analysis (like market mapping).  As a Summer Analyst, I was given many opportunities for my own development and received support from my team in meeting my personal goals for the summer.  Each person I encountered at T&Co. was willing to pause his or her day to help me with a particularly difficult ask, provide feedback, or discuss professional development.”

What was a particularly memorable moment from your Summer Analyst experience?

“One of my most memorable moments as a Summer Analyst was my professional development chat with Michael Treacy.  He took time out of his busy schedule to speak to me one-on-one about my aspirations for the summer and for my career in general.  After our PD chat, he presented me with opportunities to improve in the areas I had mentioned.  Learning from Michael was inspiring and motivating; he challenged my problem-solving abilities and gave me insight as to the purpose of the work I was doing as a Summer Analyst.”

What are you passionate about outside of work?

“I love to be in the outdoors! One of my favorite features of the Needham office was its proximity to the outdoors; I often worked out on the patio or took a nature walk with my colleagues.  Outside of the office, I am almost perpetually outside: hiking, rock climbing, riding, etc.  I am also passionate about Spanish and often volunteer as a tutor or translator in my spare time.”

What advice would you give to prospective candidates for the Summer Analyst Program?

“I would tell prospective candidates to embrace their prior experiences.  Not everyone will come from a business or finance background, and that is part of what makes T&Co a great learning environment.  The ability to apply their unique perspective along with a willfulness to learn will take them far.”