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Growth Discipline


Growth Discipline

While many companies are adept at disciplines to cut cost or realize efficiencies, few are able to apply that type of discipline to delivering on growth objectives.

Through our research and experience, we have found that many of our clients’ growth issues stem from failures of strategy and planning, often hindered by an inefficient management system. A lack of focus on sustained, profitable growth manifests itself in a number of ways:

  • “Our ‘Growth Strategy’ sounds good on paper, but we are never able to execute on it in a meaningful way”
  • “Growth plans are based less on long-term growth objectives than next quarter’s (or last quarter’s) results”
  • “Our organization is not aligned and engaged around a common set of growth aspirations, objectives, and priorities”
  • “Our critical growth decisions are delegated to the wrong people"
  • "Our corporate center does not empower local units to innovate and grow"

To address these common gaps and issues, Treacy & Company works closely with clients to develop:

  1. A well-defined long-term vision for the organization’s growth

  2. A clear articulation of where to play, among potential markets, channels, and customers in order to grow

  3. A focused understanding of how to win in those markets; namely, the value leadership strategy that will enable sustainable growth

  4. A robust portfolio of growth priorities and initiatives that balances near-term results with longer-term learning and capability-building needs

  5. A management system aligned for growth and innovation built around five key components: leadership context for innovation, financial performance management, innovation program oversight, innovation funding mechanisms and talent deployment & development


Capability Building

Capability Building

Executing on a growth strategy requires  the ability to quickly and cheaply identify the capabilities needed to succeed and the know-how to incorporate those capabilities into your organization 

Redefining a growth strategy necessarily implies enhancing corporate capabilities. But companies in any stage of strategy development can improve their innovation capabilities to ensure continued, long-term growth through meticulous focus on improved customer experience.

Treacy & Company works with our clients to build the strengths they need to grow:

  1. Through internal surveys / interviews and external verification, we asses current capabilities in four areas: strategy development process, initiative development process, growth control capabilities, and skills and operating capabilities
  2. Identify capability gaps that are priorities for our clients' business to address in the near-term vs. mid-term and determine the best method for creating those capabilities
  3. Utilize current strengths to continue to stay ahead of the curve in the required capability areas
  4. Innovate to long-lasting growth by mastering three core competencies:
    1. Master four core competencies of innovation - franchise management, invention, commercialization, and exploitation
    2. Implement a corporate venturing process to think big, fail fast, and scale rapidly
    3. Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-peak sales



There’s no substitute for knowing an industry — its competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advances in technology to compete and thrive. Treacy & Company’s consultants draw upon years of direct, front-line experience in a range of industries that include:


Example: A global provider of life insurance, retirement, and investment services selected T&Co to help improve market coverage and gain access to larger plan sponsor accounts.


Example: A leading imaging components company engaged T&Co to design an approach to capture $200M in revenue in the next 3 years.


Example: T&Co worked with a market leader in engineered wood products to establish financial growth targets through 2019, and roadmaps for reaching targets within each business unit.


Example: T&Co designed a solutions-selling approach for a Fortune 500 manufacturer of agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery equipment.


Example: A leading engineering consulting firm tasked T&Co with developing growth initiatives to support its pursuit of an annual organic growth goal of 5%.


Example: A multinational chemical corporation struggling to achieve consistent organic growth at or above the market rate relied on T&Co to establish a market-in approach incorporating broader engagement with end users.


Example: T&Co recommended that the U.S.'s oldest school for the blind should focus international efforts on teacher training and online curriculum development in developing countries.


Example: Facing the critical need to drive top line profitable growth to improve shareholder value, a large software company engaged T&Co to evaluate and prioritize market ready solutions.


Example: T&Co leveraged its venturing methodology to strengthen the mission of a global tire manufacturer's corporate incubator to pursue growth opportunities outside of its core tire business.


Example: T&Co conducted MPV analyses and market segmentation to identify growth opportunities and provide actionable recommendations to a global materials handling and logistics automation company.


Example: T&Co worked alongside a fitness equipment manufacturer to develop growth initiatives to help its parent company reach 2020 revenue targets. We developed business cases for each of the prioritized opportunities and tested key risks prior to making larger investments in product and channel research and development.


Example: A leading consumer products company implemented a standard methodology for developing, pressure testing and quantitatively evaluating growth initiatives, in addition to a process for assembling, prioritizing, and managing a portfolio of business cases.


Example: T&Co worked with a Fortune 500 healthcare logistics company, identifying $230M in core profit growth opportunity in the most attractive customer segments. Specific growth levers were identified, such as expanding the addressable market by partnering with mid-tier suppliers.

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Social Impact

Social Impact

Our Mission

To serve our local communities in ways that deliver high-impact results and offer enriching experiences for our consultants.

Pro Bono Engagements

Provide transformational guidance to local non-profits in our communities



Serve local communities directly through interactive quarterly volunteering events


Charitable Donations

Support organizations doing good in our communities directly, and supplement our consultants' charitable donations with a 100% match

Non-profits we have supported include: