Brynna Mann


UC Berkeley
Northwestern University, Kellogg


Chicago, USA

Brynna Mann


Brynna is a Principal in Treacy & Company’s Chicago office. Brynna has 10+ years of experience in helping clients and companies discover new opportunities, build new products, and launch new businesses. Brynna specializes in applying human-centered design to growth strategy, combining approaches from social sciences, design, and business to solve clients’ most complex challenges.

Brynna joined Treacy & Company in 2021 after spending two years directing product strategy and innovation at The Jellyvision Lab. Prior to Jellyvision, Brynna was a manager at Doblin (a Deloitte business) where she led innovation projects to help clients find new opportunities to provide value to their customers. She also led strategic growth projects as part of the Monitor Deloitte strategy practice. Brynna also has experience coaching and advising startups on the design-thinking process and how to conduct valuable research to inform product strategy.

Brynna was drawn to T&Co because of its culture and community of talented, empathetic, and warm individuals. She is excited to bring her collective experiences together to provide a unique perspective and approach to help clients grow.

Outside of work

Brynna enjoys spending time with her family (preferably outdoors), exploring new places, and working on creative projects.