Richard Schwartz


Colby College


Boston, USA

Richard Schwartz


Richard Schwartz is a Partner in Treacy & Company’s Boston office.  He has over a decade of experience working with corporate and business unit leadership teams on corporate strategy, accelerating core business growth, navigating new adjacencies, and building M&A & corporate venturing capabilities.

Richard and his teams work side-by-side with cross-functional client teams to identify & validate market opportunities, design & execute in-market pilot tests, identify & assess M&A pipelines, build & launch new business concepts, and develop corporate venturing capabilities.  With his clients, he focuses on accelerating learning, mitigating risk, and ensuring accountability for profitable growth results.

Richard joined T&Co in 2009.  His time at the Firm has immersed him in the opportunities and challenges facing commercial vehicle & industrial equipment manufacturing, B2B distributors, consumer recreational durables, and enterprise software businesses, among other industries.  In addition to his client work, Richard leads T&Co’s recruiting programs.

Outside of work

He enjoys finding and enjoying new food experiences in and around New England, volunteering as the President of Colby College’s Alumni Club of Boston, and cooking & bread-baking (with the goal) to delight his friends & family.  Richard lives in Boston’s South End neighborhood with his wife, Caitlin.