Thandi Steele


Williams College


Boston, USA

Thandi Steele


Thandi is based in Treacy & Company’s Boston office. She works with clients to grow their businesses through research and innovation-driven strategy work.  Thandi has a background in math, data analytics, and design thinking.

Thandi joined Treacy & Company in 2022 after graduating from Williams College with a B.A. in Statistics and Chinese.

Thandi joined T&Co to tackle thought-provoking problems in a wide array of industries while working in an environment that encourages creativity and critical thinking. She values the small team environment and opportunities for professional development T&Co offers. She is particularly interested in the innovation work Treacy provides its clients.

Outside of work

 Thandi enjoys cooking, podcasts, data visualization, frequenting new coffee shops with a book or notebook in hand, and fitness (dancing, hiking, swimming, lifting, you name it!).