Rethinking China

January 25, 2022

While the US-China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced many businesses to re-evaluate their supply chains, most haven’t considered how these events will impact their growth outlook in China, in other emerging markets, and ultimately stateside. As tensions continue to rise, businesses must be prepared for a variety of possible scenarios and build flexibility into their growth strategies.

Watch Michael Treacy as he hosts US-China relations expert Jonathan Ward, former Caterpillar President Rich Lavin, and Executive Vice President of MTS Systems Corporation Steve Harrison for a lively roundtable on the implications of the US/China trade war. The discussion will explore perspectives from Dr. Ward’s critically acclaimed recent book, China’s Vision of Victory, as well as Mr. Lavin’s and Mr. Harrison’s practical experiences leading business development initiatives in the Chinese market. Most importantly, you’ll leave the discussion with some concrete action steps for navigating the uncertainty ahead.