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Academic Medical Centers Need Population Health Management

Academic Medical Centers Need Population Health Management…

...But they won't be asking for it

December 30, 2021

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The future profitability of health systems will depend largely on their ability to maintain top quartile outcomes and cost-effectiveness relative to peers. This competition-based leveling is inherent to the way that government determines payment levels, resulting in fewer provider “winners” as the excess cost is squeezed out of the system. Most systems will need to retool their delivery model and focus areas to survive. Medicare will be the tip of the spear, and effective population health management (PHM) will be foundational to success. Health Information Technology (HIT) companies will have a major role to play in building the infrastructure and standardization that makes PHM successful. However, expensive capital outlays for EHR systems and the pain of implementation has raised the bar for organizational buy-in. In particular, despite the increasingly critical mandate to manage costs out of the system, top academic medical center (AMC) hospitals and physicians are both the least prepared to address this challenge and the least open to working with new PHM solutions.

Based on our work with a leading AMC, we identified several key challenges that AMCs and their systems will face. Read our white paper to discover the five critical strategies that HIT companies must utilize in order to succeed with AMCs and the powerful physicians that practice within them.